Get yourself a Flowrobe


Robagusta raises the question “How can the world become a better place through clothing?”. Our aim is to contribute creating sustainable welfare societies. We try to combine clothes and welfare through healthy environmentally solutions, economical access and social initiatives. As a social economical company, we are splitted into 3 different concepts.

The main tribe of Robagusta is called Y. Robagusta Y receive clothes in donation to support local sustainable initiatives, which often are social. The clothes are sorted all that is not damaged or broken is sold at local spots for 25 kr./100g. This creates a self-driven platform for development that is tangible to the locals.

All the clothes that is damaged or broken is send to Robagusta Z Cashcow which is a creative workspace for innovative designer and sewers. Through 100% recycling the clothes is transformed into unique handmade limited-edition collections.

Lastly, we participate in sustainable projects through Robagusta X to spread a message, create incitement or unite people. For instance, we will be building the Roliganbus to drive along Denmark spreading good vibes, uniting the nation and selling clapping hats before and during Ice Hockey World Cup 2018, Football World cup 2018 and Men’s Handball World Cup 2019.

The name, Robagusta, is a combination of the Portuguese and Spanish words for clothes (roba) and gusta (something that treads you right). So, remember to wear clothes that treads you!