Dear fellow,


Do you know the feeling when you open your wardrobe and your eyes hit the overpriced shirt that you bought last summer? Or what about the dress that you only managed to wear once? I know you do. The least of us have great experience selling second hand clothes online because it is extremely time consuming. It is rarely worth the time so our clothing accumulates and we end up giving them away or throwing them out. Sound familiar?


In my research I learned that in Denmark alone, 90.000 tons of clothing are thrown out. It is a huge issue when the Danish consumption of clothing costs the environment and society approx. 3 billion DKK. Doing something good for the environment and making life easier for people has always caught my interest and I think it’s safe to say I’m not the only one.


The vision is clear; take responsibility. I believe that nowadays technology opens great opportunities to make the trading of second-hand clothing easy and in a fun, sustainable way. I’m impelled by the thought of ease your life. It cannot be true that we must enter a jungle to trade second-hand clothing. And that’s where Robagusta comes into play.