Join the Movement

Care, take responsibility and get yourself a flowrobe

You can be a part of the team aiming for a better world. See your chance to change the world in the matter of trust, believe and responsibility. Every single day we are improving to give you the incitement to participate.

Healthy environment – Is using and treating the earth, so our grandchildren will have the same opportunities as us.
Economical access – Cheap clothes for all styles and ages and investing in a better tomorrow.
Social initiatives – Uniting people and creating a platform for developments of social relations.

  • Cheap local based 25 kr./100g
  • Unique handmade limited-edition collections (100% recycling)
  • Projects in the spirit of a better tomorrow




Follow our Instagram to be the first exploring selections of new second hand clothing products in stock.
Write us a direct message through Instagram to purchase.
You can come pick up your item(s) or get it delivered for only 35 DKK.

Flea markets


Visit our Calendar, so know when and where we will be around!
Come have a talk with us, so that we can have your opinion or find clothes for your flowrobe. We promise to put a smile on your face and even if your lucky a lollipop in your pocket.
Do you know a flea market or event that you think we should visit, go write us a text on +45 30 25 58 85 or an e-mail at

Donate Clothing

Donators form (see bottom right corner)


Fill out the donators form with name, e-mail address and transfer method.
We offer to pick up your clothes for 99 DKK at adresses between postal code 1000 to 2650 and for 199 DKK at adresses between postal code 2700 to 3650.
You can also choose to drop it off at the flea markets and events we are visiting.

Support sustainable initiatives


At the moment, we help Mændenes Hjem which is a place for refugees and homeless people. The organisation both need clothes and money to create a better life for the visitors.

We are always open minded to hear from you if you know other initiatives that might be interesting for us helping. Please give us a call on +4530255885 or write us an e-mail at